Wear Cote Technologies was founded in 2007 to provide high-quality metallurgical coatings to critical industries where severe erosion, abrasion, and corrosion problems are encountered. Recognized as a leader in our field, Wear Cote Technologies serves industries worldwide with its metal surface enhancement and diffusion coating treatment processes.
Oil production, pumps, power generation, mining, textile, construction, aerospace & defense, and other industries all utilize Wear Cote Technologies to keep their equipment running at its peak performance. Here production downtime is critical. WCT’s diffusion coatings vastly increase component life, saving our customers hundreds of thousands of rupees a year in maintenance costs.


WCT provides metallurgical consulting backed with decades of experience in the engineering and metallurgical field. We optimize the design and engineer the drawings for customized parts manufactured in our facility and meet precise customer specifications. Laboratory processing and analysis of customer parts are available at nominal fees. We follow ASME, SAE, ASTM and other engineering codes and practices.


Our erosion protection system provides a very hard, wear-resistant surface using ionic boron diffusion coating or boronizing process. The part is metallurgically treated with our proprietary boronizing agent formulas to create a new very hard borided metal surface. Pumps, valves, pipe spools, elbows, and other components are routinely treated for wear and erosion protection. WCT also manufactures customized boronizing and other thermal diffusion heat treatment compounds like WCT B-Cote, WCT TMP, etc for producing hard metal boride layer, chrome carbide coating (Chromizing) and Vanadium carbide coating (Vanadizing) producing a minimum surface hardness of 2600 HV0.1
Our high-temperature solid lubrication protection system provides a surface with low co-efficient of friction using a proprietary blend of nanoscale and micron-scale solid lubricants. The part is treated with our proprietary formulas using no binder or adhesive of any form to create a smooth anti-friction surface that can operate even in high humidity conditions.


Wear Cote Technologies follows stringent material specifications for all goods processed in our company. Customer parts are processed with test coupons of similar metallurgy to that of the parts. These coupons are then subjected to metallographic analysis in our laboratory for diffusion coating characteristics such as depth, micro-Vickers hardness, appearance and surface finish and must meet our quality standards and customer’s specifications.
All customer treated components are inspected in-house before shipment. Each order is delivered with boronizing certifications which include metallurgical analysis of the diffusion coated surface when asked.