Boronizing Salt

B- COTE is a proprietary boronising mix of salts which is available in three systems to the users as liquid, pack or paste boronizing compounds, each of the systems are explained below.

LIQUID BORONIZING B-COTE MSB retort is used to melt the salt. Excellent fluidity will be obtained at around 900Deg C. Purging of air is enough and there is no need for either inert gas or nitrogen. After the liquid boronising process  it is enough to soak the components in ordinary water for around half an hour to remove the salt residuals, or could easily be removed either barreling or by any other suitable method.

PACK BORONIZING: B-COTE PB the ˚materials to be boronized are packed with adequate amount in a 0closed container. Depending on the material and the alloy content of the element the temperature of the process is decided. The best results are obtained around 920 ˚C for pack Boronising. In this method there is no need for maintaining a special atmosphere like purging of inert gas or nitrogen inside the muffle. The treated material is easily separable from the salt.

Slurry or Paste type Boronizing: B-COTE SPB this is supplied in powder form and required quantity of water is to be added to form a slurry and the paste is applied to the area of the job to be treated. In case of higher diffusion required apply another coat after ensuring the first coat is in touch dry condition; place the job in closed stainless preferably 310 steel or Inconel container and the lid to have a pin hole for the trace moisture/gaseous vapor to escape during heating. In our processinert gas purging is not required. After processing, the components are washed with water and no salt stick is present on the job. The major advantage of this process is the possibility for Selective Boronizing of the component.

Since each customer's requirment is different, we invite you to contact Wear Cote Technologies for a more personalized solution.  Our experienced  Staff would be more than pleased to help you choose the appropriate surface treatment for your particular requirements.