S*M*A*R*T Cote

SMART-COTE is a proprietary process of Wear cote technologies which helps in modifying the substrate by providing a combination of solid lubricant layer like graphite, Molybdenum Disulphide, Tungsten Disulphide, boron nitride etc. with intermolecular locking by attrition method to the substrate of up to 0.5micron of solid lubricant layer as a final process and maintains the dimensional tolerance. The proprietary equipment helps to treat different contour and shape. Smart-cote mainly reduces the coefficient of friction by up to a level of 0.05 to 0.03 to enhance a smooth running and to improve the wear resistance of the substrate. Maintains a thermal stability up to 650°C

Properties of S*M*A*R*T – COTE

 Smart-cote is a surface treatment not a spray. 
 Smart-cote is applied at ambient temperature. 
 Smart-cote cannot peel or chip. 
 Smart-cote is suitable for medical/clean room moulding. 
 Smart-cote is 0.5micron thick so needs no special engineering. 

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