About Us

We are technocrats with vast experience in the field of surface engineering basically involved in R&D of surface modification of substrates. Some of the processes optimized are liquid salt bath of Ferritic Nitro Carburizing, Boriding, like Pack Boriding, Paste Boriding, Chromizing, Vanadizing etc. Thermal coatings,  Micro Arc Oxidation on Aluminum alloys in particular, Electroless Nickel and many more process.

Our concern is also involved in manufacturing various types of wear, corrosion test rigs as per ASTM standards most of our test rigs finds important place in prestigious institution like IIT’s, NIT’s, ANNA UNIVERSITY, CSIR labs, General Electric and General Motors etc and is utilized for research purpose.

Some of our prestigious customers are TI CYCLES OF INDIA, TI DIAMOND CHAINS, GE INDIA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE Pvt. Ltd. A subsidiary of GE USA.  MANDO BRAKES and other OEM manufacturers like OM SHAKTHI INDUSTRIES who cater for OEM’S like TVS groups, Leyland, TATA.

Product development and product optimization are part of our activities. Some of the beneficiaries are M/s TI CYCLES OF INDIA, M/s TI DIAMOND CHAINS M/s GE INDIA TECHNOLOGY CENTRE P LTD NATIONAL METALLURGICAL LABORATORY M/s LAKSHMI RING TRAVELS.

Objective: Sincere and Strenuous efforts are always underway to raise up to the expectation of the customer both in terms of technology development and affordable pricing of the process, Cost Vs Performance ratios of various process offered, timely delivery & exceptional quality of both the products offered as well as services rendered.

Continuous R & D efforts are put in to achieve advancement in our field of technology and process,. The process lines are so decided so as to meet several stringent specifications and standards put in by different types of industries to meet or surpass world standards, to meet several different types of industries upon the feed back that our valued customers have provided to us.

Ambitious plans are being chalked out to develop the company both vertically and horizontally in the forthcoming years and to be Market Leader in the field of SURFACE ENGINEERING on whom the customers can totally depend for reliable supplies, good support and ethical business standards.